The only complete frictionless solution for your parking operation.

The only complete frictionless solution for your parking operation.

What if there was a better way to design a parking facility?
A scheme that reduced the need for major capital investments, eliminated queues, delivered higher revenue with lower operating costs, and embraced modern technologies. With GLIDEparcs by Premium Parking, the answer is here.

Gateless entry and exit

The Gateless Facility

GLIDEparcs is built on the removal of all gates from the parking operation - eliminating the source of bottlenecks, expensive upfront setup, and ongoing maintenance costs. We want to welcome people to the facility with open arms.

Facility Setup
License Plate Credentialing

Access Control

License plates can be used to identify parkers more efficiently and accurately than traditional validation practices. This allows for instant access, easy exit, and tight revenue control. The elimination of physical credentials (tickets, AVI tags, or proximity cards) saves money for you, and time for your parkers.

Intelligent Feedback Systems

Insightful Analytics

Most operators only use a portion of the intelligence a PARCS system offers, this is not the case with Premium. GLIDEparcs is an integrated parking management system – collecting low-cost customer feedback in real-time. This highly customer-focused data helps us know exactly what is happening in your facility.

The Data Stream
Flexible Payment Option

Ways To Pay

Along with license plate credentialing, flexible payment options are at the core of the GLIDEparcs system. Your facilities will have the ability to accept payments from our integrated mobile app, advanced text-to-pay platform, payment kiosks within the facility, or by phone.

Payment Options
Enforcement by 3rd party

Revenue Assurance

Our years in the parking industry have taught us that robust revenue control comes from well thought out checks and balances. With GLIDEparcs, 3rd party verification is built into the system. We partner with Admiral Enforcement to offer custom enforcement programs.

Admiral Enforcement
Our Customer’s Experience
Our Customer’s Experience
Show me the numbers
Show me the numbers

GLIDE PARCS can save time, lower setup & operational cost, and increase revenue.

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