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GLIDEPARCS® is our proprietary enterprise-class parking management platform that powers every location in the Premium network. We designed and developed the operating system from the ground up based on our decades of experience in the parking industry. We use a digital-first approach to streamline access and account management, eliminating the need for tickets, parking gates and antiquated equipment with our efficient, secure, cloud-based parking solution.

One company. One simple, powerful solution.

The parking industry's only full-stack solution. GLIDEPARCS® is a complete PARCS system (parking access and revenue control) with payments, permits, validations, online reservations, management, data analytics, marketing and enforcement all in one easy-to-use platform. With API integrations, connect to the entire parking ecosystem, use your preferred apps and integrate with any back office and property management software.

No gates, no problems.

No tickets, no delays entering or exiting. We remove the pain points from parking and replace legacy equipment with software. The result is fast, open access for an elevated, frictionless tenant and visitor experience. Drive in, park, pay and go.

Control down to the space.

Add marketable amenities to your property or building. Offer new products & services like EV Charging Spaces. Leverage AI-powered pricing and virtual zones. Set up and assign parking with the click of a mouse.

Capital efficient. Seamless startup.

Lower your capital and operating expenses. No costly equipment. No lengthy procurement process or RFPs. No surprises, maintenance or upgrade fees. Premium is the only sole source for a complete parking management system. Try us risk-free.

Supercharge revenue, maximize yield.

Policies and plans to create a friendly, secure and sustainable parking environment with a culture of compliance.

Playbooks and strategies to maximize your location’s potential. Upgrade your parking with value-add products & services and optimize net operating income in the process.

Business Intelligence to stay ahead of the competition. Dynamic pricing powered by machine learning and a network of data.

Solutions for any industry.

Trusted by market leaders across retail, office, healthcare, campus, municipal, transit and beyond.

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Enterprise data analytics.

Know and engage with your customers like never before. Insights you can act on.

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