846 Camp St

New Orleans, LA, 70130

This location has been reported as having space available. You should easily find a space for you.
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30 Mins - (Sat, Sun)
1 Hr - (Sat, Sun)
2 Hrs - (Sat, Sun)
3 Hrs - (Sat, Sun)
4 Hrs - (Sat, Sun)
6 Hrs - (Sat, Sun)
9 Hrs - (Sat, Sun)
12 Hrs - (Sat, Sun)
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We're sorry, reservations are not available at this location.

You can reserve at nearby locations.

Nearby Destinations
Nearby Destinations
The Stacks
Ozanam Inn
Grove Street Press
New Orleans Film Society
The Shop
Overnight Parking
Overnight Parking
This location accommodates vehicles parking overnight.
Outdoor Lot
Outdoor Lot
This location is an open surface, flat parking lot with no height restrictions.
Premium Mobile Parking
Premium Mobile Parking
Premium Mobile accepted at this location. Instantly pay for parking using a credit card, add time to a session directly from your mobile device and more!
Terms of Service
Terms of Service
If you park on our unattended lot and retain your car keys, no contract of deposit is created but only one of hiring or letting out of space. We are not responsible for losses resulting from theft, vandalism, or property damage to your vehicle or it's contents.

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