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Mobile Parking Guide

            Additional Detail

            Finding a parking space in Mobile, Alabama doesn’t have to be difficult. As an industry leader focused on easy to use modern gateless parking operations, Premium Parking provides many local parking options that are both convenient and affordable.

            Parking Near Tourist Attractions

            Downtown Mobile offers a wide range of tourist attractions and entertainment options. This includes a 66,000-square-foot cruise terminal. There are also dozens of restaurants along with plenty of shopping opportunities. We have provided a variety of convenient parking opportunities to give you quicker access to and from your favorite attractions. Our mobile app allows you to make payments instantly and reserve spots in advance.

            Parking for Commuters

            Parking is also available for commuters traveling back and forth to work on a regular basis. By taking advantage of our monthly program, you won’t have to search for and purchase a parking space multiple times per week. When you register your license plate, you will have access for the entire month.

            Parking for Residents

            Whether you need to make a quick stop at a nearby bank or you want to grab a bite to eat, parking doesn’t have to be an issue. We offer a wide range of parking options less than a mile away from your desired destination. This includes around-the-clock parking and outdoor lots.

            Explore Mobile while parking at your leisure with our hassle-free parking services. If you have any questions or you want to learn more, contact Premium Parking.